Day 149 ~ Tunnel Vision

This past week I have learned so much about the way I look at things.  My biggest problem with my vision is seeing thru a narrow vision; otherwise known as Tunnel Vision.

When you have Tunnel Vision, it’s difficult to see because the light is dim.  The only bright light you can see is at the end of the tunnel.  This makes walking and moving forward difficult and slow.

The main reason for Tunnel Vision is fear.  It’s the inability to see the big picture.  Asking yourself questions and replying to yourself with unreasonable answers, causes you to stay in the tunnel because it is safe.

As an example, we may ask ourselves something like “If I take this day job, will I ever get the job of my dreams?”  or “If my marriage ends, will anyone else ever love me?” or “If my child moves to another state, will they still love me?”   Typically, we answer those types of questions with an unreasonable answer, simply out of fear. Then we decide to just stay in the tunnel because it’s safer.

As you are driving thru a tunnel, all you see is cold and dark, with a long-distance vision of a postcard view.  You are blind to the opportunities around you.  Rather than making progress, you get stuck.  Stress and anxiety narrows your vision. 

Determination and passion are not enough to get you “unstuck”.  You must shift your perspective. You will begin to discover new solutions.  When you spend less time in an introspective mode, you become less “self-aware” and more focused on your goals and desires.  Thinking about yourself constantly doesn’t make you more in tuned with yourself.  You have to look outside of yourself also.

Tunnel Vision is a trap. Once you are stuck in it, you may have a very difficult time getting out of it.  You tend to be self-critical and feel as if everything is your fault. All you see is what is right in front of you.  You can miss clues that are critical for survival and success.

It really does make sense.  And it’s where I have been.  So, as advise to myself, I must start walking forward to get to the end of the tunnel.  I see the dim light, but I want to see the picture-perfect postcard view.  

While it doesn’t mean there will never be negative experiences and outcomes, My vision will be much clearer and brighter. I look forward to that view.

Until next time – I am being MJ everyday.

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