Day 122 – Wake up People

A few days ago, two ladies in my office were having a discussion regarding child abuse. I overheard, as their office is very close to mine.

The one lady is discussing a teen (15) that ran off with a man three times her age. She said, “What teenager is dumb enough to run off with a guy that old?” “She’s just being a bad kid”.

I wanted to scream at her. I wanted to tell her that this girl was not to blame. I wanted to tell her that maybe she wasn’t cared for at home? Maybe she was sexually abused at a younger age? Who knows. The point is that the adult didn’t behave as an adult or obey the law.

Then to make matters worse, they start discussing people who don’t tell until later in life. The comment was made that why would someone try to ruin another person’s life after all those years.

I was just dumbfounded at how uneducated our society is regarding child sexual abuse. And I would say that a good part of it is denial.

But the fact that we still continue to blame the children, just breaks my heart.

Most adults never ever want to share the secrets of their abuse. But like me, their world is not the same as someone who wasn’t abused. We are haunted on a daily bases by the memories. Our brains are not even developed the same. These are proven scientific facts.

Childhood sexual abuse is real. It’s still happening and it’s more prevalent than ever. It’s in every country in the world.

It’s not the child’s fault. It happened because we were not given a choice! It happened because no one protected us! No one wants this to be their story!

That day my insides were screaming, “Wake up people”.

Until next time – I am being MJ everyday.

PS – If you or someone you love has survived child sexual abuse, please check out for education and help for healing and recovery. There are many many resouces published including phone numbers for additional help.

Let’s all protect the children. And pray for the recovering adults.

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