Day 82 – Am I hopeless?

This day. These feelings. I’m overwhelmed. I’m shocked that I’m once again overwhelmed. It feels like my first day of revovery and yet it seems like years since I had a stable week.

I am lost. Am I hopeless? Am I ever going to have peace? I want so badly to go back to my old ways of numbness. Maybe I missed some feelings or love but at least I didn’t feel hopeless.

I am going to lay down and pray that I wake up with a better feeling about myself.

I’m tired. The tired that can’t be fixed with sleep.

Until next time – I am being MJ everyday.

5 thoughts on “Day 82 – Am I hopeless?

  1. There is always hope. Hope is the little voice that whispers maybe when the entire world is shouting no.
    I know you wrote this a while ago (though if you’re anything like me you may often wonder)
    You’re worth it
    Love, light and glitter- from a random blogger.

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