The Darkest Day

On Wednesday, at 1:30 am, on October 25, 2018, my Mother passed away.  It truly was a dark day.

She was 79 years old.  Born in 1939.  She was the daughter of a bridge builder. My grandfather helped to build many of the bridges here in Florida.  Her mother worked for our local hospital all of her life.  She packed surgical supplies.  She had 7 sisters and 3 brothers.

My Mother was ill most of her life.  She also suffered from mental illness.  I have talked about her a lot in some of my blog posts.

I was able to arrive before she passed and while she was still on life support.  She did not look anything like the Mother I grew up with or remembered even in recent years.

Agreeing to turn off life support is an agonizing decision.  It is one that I hope no one ever has to experience.  But knowing that she was brain dead, helped us to make the right decision.

The doctors and the nurses were very kind and compassionate. They explained everything as it was happening and offered drinks and food throughout the night.

Today we did all the planning for the services and tomorrow is the Celebration of  Life.

I don’t know how to get thru these days except one day at a time.  I’m emotionally and physically exhausted.

I would appreciate any prayers and good thoughts that you could offer for my family and myself.

This blog will keep me focused and distracted in the emotional days to come.

Thank you again for reading. The blog is growing every day.

Until next time – I am being MJ every day.

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