Day 62 – She’s Here – Part 1

So I have shared previously a little bit about the narcissistic ex husband. This is another story about him and our crazy relationship. I’m going to tell the story in the third person so that you can get a clear picture of how awful life with him was.

It was about a year and a half into our marriage when we were finishing dinner and the conversation of his mother came up. He informed me that she would be coming to stay for a few weeks or more.

Normally, I loved having company but she hated me. She despised me taking her baby boy away from Canada. He was 33 years old but thats beside the point.

So he tells me that she coming to stay and I asked him if that was a question. He informed me that he made all the decisions because it was his home etc.

What happened after that is where I will begin the story.

She sits in the rocking chair in disbelief. Once again he has said that her opinions and feelings do not matter. He goes to the bedroom and leaves her to be aline with her despair. EJ had crossed the line.

She grabbed her purse and a few clothes from the laundry room. She wrote a short note that said something like, “I can’t take this anymore. I’m leaving. I hope you can live with yourself after this”.

In her desperation, she was trying to make him feel bad and perhaps ask her to return with an “I’m sorry”, etc.

She gets in her car and drives for well over an hour. Her pager goes off and it’s EJ with a message to call home right away. She finds a pay phone and calls him.

EJ says that he loves her and misses her and wants her to come back. MJ is undecided but agrees to come home. After taking some time to breath, she drives back home.

By now its late. Around 10 pm when she gets to the apartment parking lot. From her car, she can see him looking out for her.

She gets to the door and he’s on the phone. He says two words, “She’s here!”. He quickly hangs up. MJ says, “Hey, who was that?” He stalls with his answer. After some prodding, he finally says, “It was the police. They wanted me to tell them when you arrived home safely. They will come and ask you a few questions.”

She panicked. She ran out the door, as fast as she could and hid in some trees in a very dark area of our apartment complex.

The police arrived as MJ was trying to duck down. They spotted her right away.

Two officers, on either side, picked her up and brought her to her feet. They walked her over to her apartment where EJ stood with a smirk on his face. She could tell he was really proud of himself this time.

The officers said, “Sir, are you worried about her well being?” EJ said, “Yes sir. I believe she wants to kill herself”.

He knew a small portion of her abuse story and subsequent counseling. It was his opportunity to show her that he had full control.

After saying his lies, he proceeded to show the officers his PhD on the wall. Never mind that the degree was in Analytical Chemistry. He said, “I’m a doctor. I know what’s best for her”.

This moment was life changing for her in many ways.

Part 2 of this story will explain those life changing events.

Until next time – I am being MJ every day.

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