Day 54 – Where is the Light?

Anger swells within my heart,

Why I say? Isn’t this a fresh start?

Feeling is oh so new to my soul,

I hate that it happens and I’m not in control.

Where can I go to slow it down?

I can’t stop the pain? Am I going to drown?

Thy say it’s good to finally feel,

But wont that open my heart for reveal?

I feel lost even though I now have a voice,

But feeling this anger was not my choice.

I want to go back to the peace of my zone

And a time when I didn’t mind feeling alone.

If this is healing, I’m terrified of the cure.

I just want to rest and feel peacefully secure.

Time won’t reverse, I have to keep up the fight.

Is the tunnel end near? Where is the light?

Until Next time – I am being MJ every day.

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