Day 36 – Safety Deposit Box

Memories are held in a vault for all of us. Wether good or bad, they are stored until you pick them up.

For me, they have been held in a very small safety deposit box at an unknown location.

This year the bank found me. They tracked me down and said come and get your rotten eggs out of the vault. They have swollen and are bursting out of the box.

I knew how awful it would be to pick up those memories so I ran from them.

They have been put away for safe keeping for so long that I was hoping I wouldn’t even recognize them.

As soon as they found me, I knew I had to not only open the box, but I had to take them all the way out. I had to bring them home with me.

This analogy may sound strange but these memories are horrible and they cannot be left to fester any longer. I opened them up and I can’t take them back.

The question is, do I really want to? Shouldn’t I replace them with valuable memories? Shouldn’t I load up my box with jewels and precious keepsakes?

Then as I pick them up, I’ll be happy to open the box and see them again.

As a child, we may not always get to choose the contents of our safety deposit box. There was definitely nothing safe to go in there for me. I had to store things there that were unbearable to think about or feel.

Once I get all the rotten eggs out of my box I’m going to be proud of how I held them. I’m going to be proud of who they have made me to be. And I’m going to be proud of my strength and courage to get them out.

I’m not ashamed to say that I have needed help with this journey and I couldn’t have done it on my own.

I’m so grateful for those that have gone back to the vault with me and kept me safe.

Thank you to my precious friends who have become my family. You’ve given me diamonds and love letters to put in my box. I’m forever grateful.

Until next time – I am being Mj every day.

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